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I guess if there was a post for me to come back to… it would be something like this. Visually its an amazing piece of work and its something I broke out of my blog slump. Definitely an awesome video. Look at those rings! Advertisements

This is probably one of the better videos for a card trick simply because of the music in the background and just the way it was filmed. Definitely a pretty cool trick! via

Requiem of a dream mixed with some amazing pool trick shots? Win. These are some awesome tricks that probably took a lot of time to master. Dude is sick with it! via

Alrite those cranberries make wakeboarding even cooler. Love how those cranberries just come up from the board. Freaking sick. via

I wouldn’t necessarily call these guys athletes but this guys can put it on the floor.There’s so much spinning going on in this video and crazy moves just makes you wanna get on the floor and just try…… nah. Respect though! via

Watching what Danny does on a bike always amazes me. The things he does on two wheel and in the environments he does them in, defy gravity and logic. This dude is seriously one with the bike. via

This kid is badass with the yo yo. The music is quite good too. It’s from The Blow called True Affection. Respect. via

I love this video because any girl that rides a bike is plus in my book and the music is dope. Lauren is hot. Mesmerizing video and some beautiful bikes up in there. via

I always love skate videos where the tricks are different from the regular and where the skater puts it all out there. Kilian Martin does both as he makes the city of Barcelona his own. Brett Novak did a wonderful job directing this video. Check him out over here.  If you want to donate some […]

“Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” I would love to see this in the NFL. This is the definition of cool and collective. Awesome trick play. via