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This is probably one of the best videos I’ve seen that details the technique and durability of how to properly make use of the bench.  Ever since I’ve change my own faulty technique to Westside its makes a world of a difference.  You don’t want to simply move the bar, you want to push yourself […]

Stuff like this makes me want to work hard in the gym. With a BW of 88 lbs squatting more than double her BW, Naomi Kutin throws down and humbles that weight of 187. Its sad because I know people in my gym who weigh in nearly double of what she weighs and can’t even […]

This is a beautiful video showing athletes of  amazing strength.  These are lifts I wish i could perform in my gym but due to it being a college gym and being all prissy regarding chalk and performing certain exercises, this will not be happening. If only I were born in some hick town…. Olympic power. […]

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Mark Twain

I guess the meathead in me is screaming after seeing this video.  This is some serious power and incredible feats of strength happening here. This makes me ready for Tuesday, back day. Pull and keep pulling. The art of the deadlift is what makes men.

This is a serious sign of strength right here.  I also love how the weights are color coordinated with his country.  Jose Perales is an animal.  140 kgs (308 lbs) for some serious reps? 26 to be exact. One day, I’ll be able to do one.

Respect. Alexey makes this looks easy. I’m telling you, this is power and this is what lifting is about. This is why I lift and this is what people in the gym should be striving for.

590 kgs?  This is an amazing sign of strength even if he’s using bands. I know if I were under this amount of weight I’d be crushed instantaneously. An impressive feat!

  You know I like that.  They have to make a squat rack now and this would be complete! via

I’ve been doing floor presses for the last couple months and have definitely felt gains on the bench. This is probably one of the best alternative exercises to do when you want to give the flat bench a break as well as a deviation to your normal routine. Feels great for your chest and also […]