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Just another day in NYC. Biker gets ticketed for riding on the sidewalk and a pedestrian makes a sly comment. “You a grown man; you know that’s against the law”? Overboard ensues. Ridiculous! Advertisements

Don’t move, if you move you will die! I can’t wait for spring / summer to role around to see stuff like this in the city.  Even if its geared towards tourists, you’d be a fool not to stop and watch.  Feeling it. via

We seriously have nothing else better to do on Christmas Eve. Seriously, just another day in New York and I love it.  The freedom and the cold air, this is what its about. The tall bike = sickkkk. via

So…………… I want this guy to make my pizza. Nino is a champion at spinning pizzas and he shows why he’s the man on top. Respect! via

Feeling this video. Feels like just another day in NYC strolling and bumming around. This is one of my favorite brands, Mishka.  The blog is pretty awesome too.  I guess one of the things that really attracts me to them is their outrageous designs and their fascination with skulls and eyeballs. I like that stuff […]

  Really digging the work here.  Check out some different versions on here

This is wonderful.  I always wondered how this would look in NYC and here it is.  Genki Sudo performs his World Order song with all the slow walking and funky dance moves.  Go Genki!  This is the original video, where he set it throughout Japan. via

25th Hour is about the last day for a man who is about to be sent to prison for 5 years. Edward Norton is Monty Brogan a convicted drug dealer, and here he is talking to a priest. The first time I heard this in 25th hour, I replayed it one more time. He goes […]

I really enjoy this video and I was meaning to post this a couple months back when it first surfaced but never had the time to do it. This is a sport I grew up playing and its probably only played in NY. Living a couple blocks away from the park, basketball and handball is […]

” Comedian Mark Malkoff sets out to disprove the myth that New York is unfriendly by attempting to transport himself from the southern most end of Manhattan as far north possible only by having people on the street physically carry him along the way.”