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Commercials rarely make me laugh out loud.  This one did. Advertisements

” You see the size of this sword? ” I literally laughed out loud watching this video.  The buster sword in real life!  Swing that beauty! via

Damn people get it right. I hate when people move although I never use red eye flash

Alrite its 9 minutes long but seriously this is some fun stuff. I’m telling you Bollywood knows wassup. Their movies are seriously awesome. 1: 24 is when this video really starts taking shape. This dude goes from being Neo to the terminator and then a crazy looking sentinel. It seriously gets better and better. RIDICULOUS. […]

This is brilliant.  Bringing that shake weight out and putting it to good use.  love the reactions! via

Karaoke at its best. This is what I’m talkin bout. This is how we do it. esp after 1:11. via

Don’t look at at it. Just don’t look at it. Stop thinking about touching it. Well if you’re looking for a Super hero to save you, this is your man……. but just don’t look at it. He sees you….. He sees you,  don’t look at it. via

This opening monologue from Ricky Gervais is killer.  Dude rips on everyone with no regard.  Celebrities, you are not off limit. via

This guy is the man.  Never fails to make me laugh. Great prank.