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Just another day in NYC. Biker gets ticketed for riding on the sidewalk and a pedestrian makes a sly comment. “You a grown man; you know that’s against the law”? Overboard ensues. Ridiculous! Advertisements

Does anyone who’s talking in the background? Inspirational stuff. I feel like downloading this and listening before I start my training. Love this video even more because of it. Bikes and and some strong poetic words make a ridiculously awesome video. I mean, look at how many tags I put on this. shooot via

I saw this a couple a days ago on hypebeast and couldn’t turn my eyes away from this.  Such an amazing journey about a bunch of bikers traveling from Tokyo to Osaka which totals to 350 miles.  This is the biketrip of a lifetime.  This is something I would love to do in the distant […]

Looks so fun and exciting. There’s so many moments in this short little video where I feel like the biker is just bound to get smashed. Thank God for some great reflexes.  Can’t wait for this summer to come along and just bike the night away.  Gonna be some good times. via

I think this just confirms it. It’s going to be white bike in 2011. Look how beautiful it is! so clean….. via

We seriously have nothing else better to do on Christmas Eve. Seriously, just another day in New York and I love it.  The freedom and the cold air, this is what its about. The tall bike = sickkkk. via

Slow motion + people riding on bikes = awesome.  If this could be life, this would be the life to live.  No worries, just carefree. via

Feeling this video. Feels like just another day in NYC strolling and bumming around. This is one of my favorite brands, Mishka.  The blog is pretty awesome too.  I guess one of the things that really attracts me to them is their outrageous designs and their fascination with skulls and eyeballs. I like that stuff […]

I need to get a mountain bike so I ride terrain like this. Love the big cross in this film. This is an amazingly shot video by Felix Urbauer. I really believe no matter the landscape or weather, riding a bike can be done anywhere.

I know some of you feel I rip a lot of videos off of Doobybrain, but i can do that because thats my boy!  btw, This guy is great on the bike. via