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Lintendo 64



This kind of funny….. and true. hahh via




Taking a look into the lives of David Choe and James Jean and how art has transformed their lives.  It’s awesome seeing asians doing their thing and representing the right way and bringing it with the urban art. via

Apparently if your an Asian woman, this is what you like and can some what relate to. Go over to mashable to check out the other ethnicities likes.


So here’s the story real short.  Katie tells her parents that Chris is hiding booze in his room, Chris gets grounded for 3 months.  Chris wanting to get even, searches Katie’s room and finds her hookup list.  Proceeds to post to Facebook and now the whole world knows where her mouth has been or wants […]

This is probably one of the nerdiest and wittiest thing I’ve seen awhile. A Columbia student raps over Empire State of mind on the topic of Ethics I really enjoyed it! This kid threw down!

wasn’t going to post this but the finale is crazy!

” The Betrayal puts a human face and name on the term collateral damage and expands its definition in the process. ” “Self-consciously poetic and shot within a luscious inch of its life, the film’s also an engrossing heartbreaker: a family saga that spans continents, political administrations, and decades of travail to arrive at a […]