I love stuff like this. Off the wall, straight up weird.


This is a video from Ark Music’s Youtube channel.  Who are they really? Is this the world’s greatest internet prank?  Are they an evil company brain washing us with less than mediocre music? We will find out tomorrow!

Alright I know this is a late pass for most of you guys but what the heck is this…Is this what music is now a days? I mean seriously if this is not a joke then I need to get to the studio RIGHT AWAY.  Damn I even take Based God more serious than this.  I guess the formula now is no talent, young girl, lots of autotune, and throw in some mediocre rap.

is it the shoes??

Batman meets Van Gogh

So this is their secret!

This had me dying

So I’ve been in a slump lately with the blogging and such but if there is a video thats gonna bring me out of it….. its gotta be this one. The Rock is coming back to Wrestlemania! I cannot wait to the people’s elbow performed on these candyass wrestlers! Do you smell what The Rock is cookin?!?!?