For all you sneakerheads, hypebeasts, ballers, and Jordan fans. Jordan brand once again retro’d another shoe which I’m sure you already know.  Yep those cool grey 11’s are back.  Didn’t do to bad a job on these I must say but what happened to the days when JB was making original shoes?  I understand that these were a favorite for many. Along with all the other shoes retro’d  but that’s okay, retroing shoes is fine, but come on guys let’s see some new designs and I’m not talking AJF’s or Team Jordans or all the junk you’ve been releasing lately.  I’m talking designing some new shoes something people will actually buy. Something maybe since you guys like to retro shoes so much, you’ll retro in the future. Or are you guys hoping to survive on retroing alone?  Jordan Brand I dare you make something new or at least if you are going to retro don’t mess up those shoes that we love (i.e. the varsity red on the infrared 6 retros).  I’m sure their are great designers out there willing to work on shoes that we will love.  So JB stop being lazy and let’s get designing!


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