Review : The Taking of Pelham 123 ( Me being from NY did not help this movie )


Alrite, so over the weekend I got a chance to see this movie on Netflix and I truly believe that if I weren’t born in NY, I would enjoy this film a whole lot better.  There are just scenes in this movie that look awesome but when it comes down to reality, just doesn’t make sense.  A lot of stuff is pretty predictable too.  How is it possible to have any time of signal underground on a laptop?  Like, how does that work and why is that technology not used now?  Because its not freaking real.  You might say that this is small thing and maybe it is, but it irks me because I ride the trains and would love to have my laptop connected to the internet underground.  Yeah pretty freaking stupid.  I bitch.

There’s another scene where John Travolta AKA  Ryder ( looks like a Ryder with a Y) demands money brought to him in under an hour and  with 10 minutes left, the money is not even half way across the city to where he is located.  Anyone from NY knows that 10 minutes = waiting at a traffic stop.  Why don’t they fly in the money in the first place?  I don’t know, sometimes people don’t think.

Near the end, John Travolta AKA Mr Ryder takes Denzel Washington hostage and Denzel ( I forget his character’s name) escapes from the gang of thugs.  Now if you’re being hostage and you just escaped…. wouldn’t you want to get away from the bad guys and get some type of help?  No, Denzel has gotta be the hero and take them on.  Seriously?  If I had one gun and the bad guys had multiple guns, why the hell would I want to be the hero?  I just got my life back and  I would notify Po Po.  Well, maybe thats just me.

Another thing that gets to me while Denzel is riding the 7 train on his way home from the disastrous day, he’s clearly not riding the 7 train.  I ride that train all the time to get to the city and that’s definitely not the 7.  More like N R W.  Clean and good seats.  The 7 ghetto and not mellow.

This is not a movie I would recommend to someone, but it has that car accident feel to it.  You just want to see it, knowing its not going to be good.  Seems like Denzel and Travolta’s agents didn’t bother to read the script on this one, but clearly went for the paycheck for their clients.  Yeah, I’m not even sure if its worth a download.


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