Some of the implications of social Networking ( CS 12 assignment )


( this is an assignment for school, so there’s a chance it might not be entertaining. )

Second life is more than just an online gaming world. It’s a community of people who take on the role of a character that becomes essentially their online identity. It’s a borderless environment. There are no limitations to the amount people a person can meet through the online community. Some of the positives of social networking is that it expands the network you have. A person may not have a lot of friends in real life but in the digital world, he/she can be king/queen. Second you’re exposed to different cultures. A person might ask how is that possible through the internet? Well most likely through webcams or even through conversation with your other online friend. Third you become someone you can’t be in real life. That person that gets constantly picked on in school, could be that internet bully on World War Craft. Hey, you never know.

Some of the negatives to social networking is that there are tons of creepers out there. What I mean by creepers are people that want to be more than just digital friends. It’s hard for parents to keep constant watch over their children, so sometimes children might be becoming friends with these weird people and these weird people ask for weird requests. Another bad thing about social networking is that people get so used to being friends with these online friends, they never go out to make real friends. My friends brother who played World of Warcraft all the time. Whenever I would go to her place……. he would be on the computer staring at the monitor. It kind of sucks because I’m sure he never gets out, but he’s probably a World of Warcraft legend.

There are many benefits to social networking as well as problems with it. If there is a way where we can find some type of balance to it then we can make the world a better place.


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