The Impossible SpaceJams


Jordans are definitely getting played out, but the SpaceJams will never go out of style. These are the holy grail of all Jordans and maybe even the best sneaker of all time. The colorway, the patent leather, carbon fiber on the bottom of sneakers, its more than just something to put on your foot. It’s a statement and something that has appeal to more than just the sneaker community. This colorway of the XI’s were made for Michael Jordan while he was filming Space Jam in the late 90s. From the Jordan I all the way to the Jordan XV, most of these models were in conformity with the bulls colors of red and black. There were a few Jordans here and there that were different but that’s because they were either made for the all star game ( aqua VIII ) or when Jordan played for the Dream Team ( Olympic VII ). The patented leather black, clear gel sole bottom with blue imprints gave Jordan a whole different look. Slowly this guy was becoming more than just a basketball player, and becoming somewhat of a sneaker guru.

I’ll let you guys know I tried three different retailers and got shot down each time. I was @ the end of the purchasing process, put in all that jazzy information for my card, clicked process…… and then everything crashed. I’d love to own a pair. I’d probably never wear them, ( just like the last 10 – 15 I bought ) but its something good to add to the collection. Yeah Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to stop giving. =)


2 Responses to “The Impossible SpaceJams”

  1. 1 steve

    Spacejams are hot but def not the all time popular imo its the cement 3’s… (And that’s not a personal preference… Mine are the white red 12’s)

    And these days, ‘holy grail’ just means the rare soughtafter but guess what, jordan just killed that with yet another retro.

    Save your money for some bapestas! Lol jk

    • 2 coreyfolo

      cement 3’s are definitely up there… but the space jams…. the 11’s, the colorway….. its just one of a kind for me!

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