Where is the Flushing Pimp?


The Flushing Pimp. Probably the most recognizable figures where I live. Over the years, this guy had the strut, the clothing, the cane, the whole pimp attitude. I remember when I was in HS seeing this dude walking the streets of Flushing always muttering something, always seemed pissed off. You know there was always hookers near the theater, I’m sure they were incognito with the caped legend. I think this video was conducted by HS students, but they did a fairly good job on answering questions on the Flushing Pimp’s whereabouts and such.


One Response to “Where is the Flushing Pimp?”

  1. 1 dw

    …..wow…….the notorious 1..i guess he was good at what he loved 2 do. his confidence out of his world is inspiring……kinda feel heavy hearted about dis tho
    many many props 2 the kids who worked on dis. really great.

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