Boy saves family from zombie, Japanese style


Haven’t update in awhile, but this is worth it. Saw this on a friends wall on facebook and loved it. This kid is so brave and is going to grow up to a fine young man.


4 Responses to “Boy saves family from zombie, Japanese style”

  1. just awesome. I bet that zombie walked away with some bruises.

  2. haha i saw this over the summer and thought it was hilariousssss. they are toooo cute. lol

    corey, i still want to see your haircut… if it hasn’t grown out already. hahaha haven’t seen you around in a while and hopefully that changes. ahahah

    • 4 coreyfolo

      yo dina!I did cut it….. its pretty short hahaha I definitely plan on coming back……… I’ve been bad! ! hahahhaha

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