Lintendo 64




Was playing some ranked online 2K12 and let Jeremy loose in the 4th quarter after the game had already been decided. Here’s some clips + commentary of his highlights. Enjoy and GO JLIN!!!

Lin Dynasty


Had to come back to post this, barring last night’s explosion by Knicks PG Jeremy Lin



So a couple of my friends asked me to help them find a partner.  So I decided to use this blog to contribute to my friend’s needs.  So first we will start with my friend Crandon.

So here is Crandon ladies.  He responds to various names.  Some call him “Sergeant”, “Mr. Crandon”, “Mr. Cool”, “Big Daddy”, “CDawg”, or for those less creative simply Crandon will do.  Crandon enjoys long walks on the beach, he plays the drums, and enjoys to hit the gym to get that “power”.  The photo above was taken 3 years ago when he first started to work out.  Now his muscles are much more defined and he is a “sight” when he has his shirt off.  He is looking for a woman who will engage in his favorite activities such as singing “Perfect” by Pink, making him sandwiches, and listen to his loud & obnoxious drumming.  Crandon is also a man of entertainment, he enjoys singing loud and out of key, he has many impressions (including my personal favorite of Uncle David).  Crandon was a child model and even back then he was still RIPPPEDDDDDDD.  So ladies if you’re interested just let me know and I will give you the information! (up next will be my friend Terents)

Finna start posting on here again.  Resurrecting the site.  Starting off with a picture of CoreyFolo’s Garbage.  Dude needs to clean up his mess! (<3 corey)

I guess if there was a post for me to come back to… it would be something like this. Visually its an amazing piece of work and its something I broke out of my blog slump. Definitely an awesome video. Look at those rings!

This is probably one of the best videos I’ve seen that details the technique and durability of how to properly make use of the bench.  Ever since I’ve change my own faulty technique to Westside its makes a world of a difference.  You don’t want to simply move the bar, you want to push yourself into that bench.  Grant it, I know my bench isn’t tip top but its definitely improved after switching styles.

Just another day in NYC. Biker gets ticketed for riding on the sidewalk and a pedestrian makes a sly comment. “You a grown man; you know that’s against the law”? Overboard ensues. Ridiculous!

Commercials rarely make me laugh out loud.  This one did.

Stuff like this makes me want to work hard in the gym. With a BW of 88 lbs squatting more than double her BW, Naomi Kutin throws down and humbles that weight of 187. Its sad because I know people in my gym who weigh in nearly double of what she weighs and can’t even do this weight. Squats are king!